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Neiv were born during a jam session on a cold winter night by the end of 2008. after a series of jam sessions and the writing of the first songs they have been heard and immediately engaged by Jestrai Records.
Then Neiv started a series of live shows that brought them throughout Italy playing on important stages that they shared with important bands of national and international scene
In April 2009 they released the single "Let Me Cry" under Black Fading Records followed by the video, well claimed in the underground scene.
so claimed to win the awards for best national independent single and video bizarre during the most important recording label meeting in italy: MEI.
after that neiv came back on the road again and playin many live shows, interviews and show cases, capturing the attention of a consistant number of fans of alternative music scene.
In 2011 the band released the full length album Claire Always Travels followed by the videoclip, winner of several awards and a tour that brought neiv playing around europe with important bands of the new wave worldwide scene as Clan Of Xymox, Attrition.

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