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Nellie Bell grew up in Australia but her family’s roots lie off the coast of North Africa on the small island of Malta. The mixture of influences that create that island’s culture also informs Nellie’s music. She loves to make music that communicates quickly, is accessible and melodic, but her songs also display a remarkable originality, an unexpected tendency to take the listener down new and exotic pathways. Nellie is a composer and an accomplished pianist and singer.

“I write music to heal myself. Sometimes I have painful experiences that make me write to express my truth. It’s what lies deep deep down inside that I find hard to get out into words when I speak. Through music, I channel something that makes me feel happy and brings my spark back! I also write a lot about love and what it means, and how there are so many layers to it and so many different kinds of love. I also realise now that I write about love to help me love myself more.”

“I recently got a tattoo, which symbolizes change, transformation and freedom, I chose to put it on my heart. It also represents my commitment to music for life."

Nellie’s focus has been on composing and recording her music, but she has also been exploring new ways to manage the business side of things, as the music industry shifts and narrows.

Earlier this year, Nellie worked with her team to innovate a new business model to raise private investment, enabling her to record, mix and master her album on her own terms. She set up Nellie Bell Ltd, a company which will enable her to make and share music her way. By integrating her three passions of music, young people and empowering women, she is building a new kind of company by doing good business. The company structure allows her to retain publishing and recording rights and have more control over how she develops her career.

As well as composing and performing, Nellie has 13 years experience working with young people in schools and informal settings. She is currently exploring a number of initiatives and partnerships to assess how best to invest in activities that will support young people and nurture emerging talent

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