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Neomobile is a global Mobile Commerce Group, established in 2007, headquartered in Rome, with 300 experts in mobile technology and other offices in London, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Reus, Cologne, Belgrade, Istanbul, San Francisco, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogotá, and Mumbai.

Today Neomobile is a global leader in mobile entertainment, highly visible in Europe, LatAm and India. The offering of digital content and services like chat, dating, games, videos, music and infotainment, is distributed directly to consumers worldwide in partnership with carriers, and covers the entire range of mobile devices. The offer is particularly aimed at the world of smartphones and tablets through innovative technologies such as HTML5, streaming and cloud. Neomobile is a also leader in mobile payment, thanks to its Onebip solution and mobile advertising know-how to web and mobile merchants - social networks, dating sites, browser games, mobile content providers and digital media in 70+ markets.

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