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Neon Harbor is all about awesome entertainment, outrageous projects that big studios would never think of trying, and dreaming LOUD. It’s not just a place to post our videos, but a port of call for the weird and wonderful folks we love to share the internet with. And for those of us who work here, it’s a lifestyle.

Our greatest loves are 80s action movies, ninjas, and anything that surprises us with its sheer awesomeness. We believe the only thing better than a good laugh is a good reason to cheer. High risks, big dreams and ambitious goals make what we do really hard, really worth it and really dependent on big beautiful fans. We’d call ourselves the underdog studio, but we’d rather think of ourselves as the stealthy robot tiger studio just waiting for a good chance to pounce with our laser claws.

Keep an eye on us. We’re up to something here.

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