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Look around you. Everything involves architecture.

When we contemplate the world around us, a large part of our understanding is invariably related to our understanding of constructed space.

Spaces, which both inspire and represent cultures.

Spaces, which serve as the environment in which we relate to other human beings.

A lot of architecture would never have been deeply experienced if it were not through their images. When we contemplate these images, we understand the values represented, and the culture that is established there.

This is the challenge that both moves and inspires us. That is why, 10 years ago when Neorama was founded, the end of the simple electronic model as a communication tool was decreed, and it was decided to bring forth the “audiovisual experience” as the right arm of real estate marketing.

We know that producing audiovisual experiences of non-constructed spaces demands the commitment of those who design and project memories, the responsibility of those who inspire visions of the future and reveal the creative spark behind the innovative eye of its visionaries.

After all, important architecture is, even before the first brick has been laid, experienced through our films and images.

This ‘Archbook’ serves as a witness to our dedication to architecture and to both our technical and artistic excellence. While we weave and tell the story of Neorama’s first 10 years, we renew our commitment for the next 10.

We believe that images tell stories and through them we would also like to tell a little of our own.

Thank you for your support and inspiration.

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