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  1. 11:37


    by NEP

    2 Videos

    NEP and neppies give a personal message to specific organizations.

  2. 09:49


    by NEP

    1 Video

    These videos are free to use for educational institutions for trainings, meetings, workshops, and all manner of professional development. NEP VISION STATEMENT: NEP equips educators to provide…

  3. 09:46


    by NEP

    0 Videos

    Videos contained here are promos for great NEP meetings and events past and future!

  4. 30:51

    Project NEW HOPE

    by NEP

    3 Videos

    NEP's collaboration with the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies (KIMS) helps career academies continue development in Afghanistan. This assists young Afghan women to have an equal opportunity…

  5. 24:13

    Operation MAGELLAN

    by NEP

    3 Videos

    NEP's Operation MAGELLAN is a collaboration of NEP and several international partners to take career academies all around the world!

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