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NERDO Design Collective is a creative studio based in Turin (Italy) established in 2009, as the result of the close collaboration of three friends: Alessandro Durando, Lorenzo Levrero and Daniele Gavatorta, who joined the team in 2011.

We prefer to define ourself as inventors and craftsman of dynamic imagery. We mold beauty, pixel by pixel and carve the concepts with sharp ideas.

We like to approach every single project in a unique way, following the whole creative process from the proposal to the final product. We don't like to follow easy and cheap trends, our main goal is to achieve the best result and deliver projects with a wide range of styles and techniques.

We believe in the strength of an idea, we hard focus on a concept and experimenting with passion, while breaking the boundaries of the technical aspects to create stunning animations and design to fulfill every needs of the clients.

In just a few years we built a stable collaboration with a worldwide network of advertising and production studios and we have been working for international clients, such as FOX, MTV, NICKELODEON, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, SEAT, SKY among others.

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