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Vancouver, BC

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Nettle's Tale Swimwear Inc. creates locally made, thoughtfully designed swimsuits for women from all walks of life. 20-somethings, 50-somethings, students or seniors, lean or athletic, pear-shaped or hourglass, petite or name it, we'll design a suit for it.

In our lookbook, you won't see airbrushed models. You'll see women who look like your friends.

Our designs grow out of local stories. Each swimsuit is modelled by and named after the woman who inspired its design. As you shop, you can read a profile about each of these uniquely beautiful women. Connect with who she is and what makes her body unique. Every time her suit design is sold, 10% of the profits will go to a charitable cause she's passionate about.

Nettle's Tale is all about empowering women to not just accept themselves, but sincerely love themselves. Swimsuits are intimate, and so is a woman's relationship with her body. We value that relationship, and we want to share the love.

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