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Sommo Pampurio! Anche il tuo spazio è Limitato..eres Tan Bitch como Paris la chica malvada mi diosa?zip zilch nada thats what i got from u!Im the guy who laughs at Funeral losing my shirt...Son of shiva could i Use a towel?cuz i Puke in my mouth

suckin fingers all nite! Gotta meet the Hottie with the Million Dollar Body...Now dance, fucker, dance
man, he never had a chance, And no one even knew
It was really only you, nice work you did you’re gonna go far, kid!! With a thousand lies
And a good disguise ... Hit em' right between the eyes, Im like a ghost, ill be living in the dark room waiting for the day to be close, ill be standing by a back door! Dammi Pathos. Flash! Dammi Idillio. Flash. Dammi Distacco. Flash! Sorridi. Voglio sentire musica ipoallergenica non toccata da mani umane, generata da un computer, suonata da un sintonizzatore Moog. Dammi Energia. Flash. Dammi Boato. Flash. Suona! La gente chiede agli altri com'è andato il weekend solo per potergli raccontare il loro. Da quando il futuro è passato da essere una promessa a essere una minaccia? Felching. Mi fai sembrare così sessualmente incontrollabile.
gatti ti frustrano come animali domestici o Ammiri la loro indipendenza? Diresti di aver vinto più battaglie di quante ne hai perse??Pensi di essere Pronto? Seduci! Higgldey-Piggledy Shout! Il fotografo nella mia testa ancora grida Sorridi...Non mentire...dammi il profilo, ammicca...pensi di farcela? Seduci! in the mood for Chunky soup!!ill always be there to ruin your buzz... is this stoned talk? when someone is asking you how are you they really dont wanna the answer. its the fog, its making me foggy, and back then there was this bird and it was very hitchcock, for a second, there is the bird movie, the hitchcock... i lost control today, everything ive kept buried inside came rushing to the surface...its a total douche. i was about to knock...blodd make you squimish and icky. Got Postcards from my Former Self sayin -how you been?- You never get a second chance to make a first Impression! The music from the Balconies nearby was overlaid by the noise of sporadic act of violence. You just got owned and served...when you leave you have to stay LEFT! eww i give off a vibe i wanna steal your partner? Ready or not here I come.Well there's no other way of pulling me under cause it's gotta be fate if we're under the covers. It's all gonna be a-ok, a-OK. You really wanna hi5 with me the fact we both cheated on each other? ISH! in amore vince chi fugge o a volte semplicemente fugge chi non vuole vincere. i go out to date tonight, but Dilemma, i only have half a can of spray tan left. And btw im getting a little tired of your smarty pants attitude.My glass is empty. that sucks. alla fine fu trovato anche il corpo, pezzi sparsi per meglio dire (incubo finale). Una delle mie vite passate si svolgeva in forma canina. Pavlov suonava un campanello e io iniziavo a salivare...What part of party don't you understand? punishment comes one way or another. you cant keep safe what wants to break

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