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2009 has been the year of the fashionable synth bands who, for a
while, gave us a little of what we needed. Uplifting tunes offered by
acts etched on the right side of credible cool. However, there comes
a time when a cry for substance-over-style rises up. A time when
people who like the pop-edged synth of yesteryear, crave the meat
of guitars and the rhythmic joys of a full drum kit, when their music
desires aren’t limited to the simply infectious but arms-in-the-air,
soundtrack-of-our-lives anthemic.

It appears new band NewIslands have arrived at the right time. On
15th March 2010 they release their debut single ‘Out of Time’ on
new label YouWillBeFollowing. As anthemic as they come,
‘Out of Time’ on first listen is like an old favoutite song you had forgotten you knew, yet simultaneously it’s like nothing you’ve
heard before – all dreamy, swirling keyboards and yearning,
building vocals.

Indicative of NewIslands desires to push music further and cross boundaries, ‘Out of Time’ comes with seven remixes including ones
by Is Tropical, Breton and Active Child (as played by Radio 1’s Rob da Bank).

1. Out Of Time (Radio Edit)
2. Out Of Time (Original)
3. Crosstown Feel
4. Out Of Time (Active Child Remix)
5. Out Of Time (Is Tropical Remix)
6. Out Of Time (BRETONlabs Remix A)
7. Out Of Time (BRETONlabs Remix B)
8. Out Of Time (Serious Lover Remix)
9. Out Of Time (A.K.A. DISCO Remix)

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