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Karaoke auteurs Bobby Service and Black Waterfall have produced and directed an epic body of music videos that tell the unique, inspiring, and riveting story of their marriage. The duo has performed re-conceived and re-written mash ups of popular music in some of New York City's hottest venues, including Art In General, Starlight Lounge, Monkey Town, Canada Gallery, The Brick Theater and weekly at Tandem Bar in Bushwick. The vocalistas met two years ago by chance at a voguing competition at the now defunct Prisms Nightclub where it was love at first sight. They quickly escaped to the nearest Karaoke joint to sing the night away before eloping the next morning. With the help of a few conversion tapes, courtesy of Ted Haggard, the duo rose to stardom in the exploding New York City Underground Karaoke Scene of the late naughts. You can catch Waterfall and Service at one of their special all-star karaoke events, they are also available to host your private karaoke soiree.

In the Waterfall-Service household, happiness comes in the form of twin beds and documenting our life together, Karaoke-style. Take a look at our videos...

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