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Kerry J. Northrup, creator of the US$2.5 million Newsplex prototype convergent newsroom-studio for demonstration and training in cross-format editorial techniques, works with media organizations worldwide designing tech-savvy multiplatform newshandling operations from the journalism up. He holds the Turner Multimedia Professorship at Western Kentucky University, where he trains non-traditional “fusion journalists.” He is also a board member of the Global Editors Network. Until 2009, he was a director at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) based in Europe, developing and managing the organization’s entire integrated print-digital publications strategy. Before that, his career encompassed two decades as an award-winning journalist, editor and executive for a variety of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, including a corporate position at Gannett. He has consulted for 34 newsrooms in 22 countries as a recognized expert in media management, editorial technologies and newsroom design.

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