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Your data: visualised.
Your business: revolutionised.

More value, lower costs and improved efficiency - interrogate your organisation's data from all sides with innovative visual solutions.


Since 2007, Nextspace has been helping clients make more of their business data, to unlock more value, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

We were established as industry leaders in 3D data visualisation, and we continue that role today. Our bespoke solutions offer management and business optimisation across a range of industries, including ship building, construction and utilities management, and local government.

Our extensive, wide-ranging capabilities in the translation and integration of information has been developed both directly and through partners such as SAP and IBM. This means we tackle a range of projects, large or small, and at any level of complexity. Our focus on continual innovation creates industry-leading products and solutions.

A commercially disciplined company with an innovative approach, our success all comes down to the quality of our people. We work to get the best from our world-class team in a collaborative, energetic and creative environment. We value our clients and our staff, and believe each person can offer something new and valuable.

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