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After a 17 year career in the British Army specialising in communications, IT and GPS systems, Richard joined RR Donnelly & Sons in 1990 where he was involved in business development/sales work with companies such as MOTOROLA, Sun, Avery and IBM.
In 2000, he moved to Energis Squared, the technology innovation centre for the Energis Group to head up their APPLICATION SOFTWARE PROVISION programme. He was responsible for refocusing the emphasis of the 7 million pound programme/project to the development of wireless/mobile phone applications and streaming video for the BLUE CHIP market. His interest and belief in video across the internet and to mobile phones led him to leave IT and setup with his wife "NFD Productions" Richard’s business development, sales, marketing, technical, and project management skills from managing multi million pound IT projects made him the ideal choice to fulfil the producers role in the various films NFD Productions have created and will do in the future. Richard always believes in being on set. In the early days this was because being such a small team he had to be the camera and or sound man as well; now his knowledge of the more technical aspects of camera, sound and lighting make him the idea person to bridge the often found gap between the director and the crew not seeing the wood for the trees and thus avoiding many costly mistakes later in the production. For smaller projects where a producer isn't key or required he project manages for the customer and does camera and sound work as he enjoys it so much. Richard also writes many of the scripts we use for our own films and others plus he also trains most of the adult acting students we have as another part of NFD. More recently he has embarked on a pet project from his mobile application days to create an online soap. In almost all of the episodes he is responsible for everything from Directing to Camerawork.

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