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Barcelona, Spain

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Born in Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, in 1985. I'm in love with Animation since I was a child and it's still the passion of my life. Lately I've discovered OpenSource software and became a huge fan of it. Sharing and improving is the future.

Hopefully I'll be a great animator some day. By now, I've been learning on my own since 2003 about lots of topics around FilmMaking, StoryTelling, CG, videoEdition, compositing, web design, digitalDesign,... studied 'Digital Design' at ESDi (Sabadell) and last year I've been coursing MAN3D (Modelling,Animation and StoryTelling for 3D) at Pepe-School-Land in Barcelona, with Daniel Mtez. Lara, using Blender and Autodesk Maya for the learning process. Finished on June 2011 and looking forward to work soon in my loving passion, animation.

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