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Malinda Petersen Talent, Malinda Petersen, Agent
Nicholas Franklin Bray is SAG eligible United States
Agent Malinda Petersen (616) 350-4759

Work History: Theater, Film, Voice Over, Commercial
Job Categories: Producing, Acting
Authorized to work in United States
Primary Citizenship: United States
Valid Passport

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Crimson Essonite Boss Man Compass Productions/Steve Wygmans
Scrapper Joseph Sheldon Tip Toe Productions/Michael Piotrowski
Alter Johnny/lead Diamond Cutter, Tip Toe, and Brown Street Productions./Tim Karagosian, Philip Andrew Miller
E.G.O. David/Lead Kinglsey Productions/David Kingsley
Mixed Blessings Harry/lead Sedan Productions/David Sedan

Enter Laughing David/Lead L.A. Theater of the Arts
It's a wonderful Life Sam Wainwright Grand Rapids Civic Theater/Penny Notter
Laughter On the 23rd Floor Kenny Franks Jewish Theater, Grand Rapids, MI/Paul Dreher
Lovers and Other Stangers Tom Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.
Boy's Life Dave Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.
Dark of the Moon Witchy Boy Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.
Lovers and Other Strangers Tim Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.
A Theatrical Collage Assortment of Roles Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.
Key Exchange Tim Gerald Gordon of Los Angeles, Ca.

Voice Over

Voice Overs Voice/Demo
Sound Post Recording Studios/Stuart Poltrock

Performer Skills

Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Firearms, Voiceover
Athletic Skills: Baseball, Track & Field, Softball, Wrestling, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, Cycling, Bowling

Gerald Gordon, L.A., Scene Study, Gerald Gordon
Theatre of the Arts, L.A., Film, TV, Commercial, Theatre, On Camera, Voice, Madam Alesca
Pamela Campus On Camera, L.A., Commercial/Cold Reading, Pamela Campus
Voice, L.A., Voice, Armin King
Voice, L.A., Voice, Robert Edwards
Hansen Camera Workshop, L.A., Scene Study, On Camera Work Shop, Janice Hansen
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI, The Stanislavski System, Penny Notter
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI, Scene Study, Mary Beth Quillin

Mount Pleasant Film Festival, The Professional Film Award, 2009
His film "Alter" won this award.

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