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Cadillac, MI

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I love to Create, Dream, Inspire, and Motivate. These are the pillars of who I am and share with my wonderful wife and son. It is through them I am able to journey this Earth doing what I absolutely love.

Creating has been my life even when I was a little boy. Dreaming of big buildings that were created using my wooden blocks and tinker toy set. It is those happy places that I share on a daily basis. My passion is to create using traditional techniques, but often times I must opt for the power of modern technology. I can remember watching the Wood Wright Shop on PBS channel and being hypnotized by the wisp of the hand block plane. Roy Underhill – you are my childhood hero!! Some of the things that I have created in the past include Fly Fishing Flies, Wooden Furniture, Printed Materials, and recently Hand Bound Books.

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