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After living in US, Tokyo, Hong Kong, this Italian/Irish creative has settled in Singapore,currently calling this his home, where his primary studio is located. Graduating top of his class from America's prestigious "Brooks Institute of Photography in California. This Italian-Irish US born photographer Nicholas J. Scaturro, has been traveling and taking pictures since the age of 12. He has been shooting the “path less traveled” in Asia for over 10 years. He has lived and worked in Tokyo and Hong Kong, A passionate photographer, he has the amazing ability to capture unique and compelling images of known and unknown locations. His travel subjects include perceptive photographs of land, sea and people all around the world. From Italy to Greece, across the greatly varied landscape of the Americas, through the inner jungles to the outer reaches of Asia, he has a knack for discovering new places and seeing what no one else sees. He is able to search out and acquire unique angles and capturing breathtaking moments even in destinations which are frequently visited. His eye for capturing decisive moments, his ability to see light, and his distinct style have brought him international recognition throughout his career. Currently he is setting forth on an edu-tour whereby he will share his insights about photography with small groups of budding photographers. The adventure starts with the wonderful landscapes of Sri Lanka. To learn more please contact him
at nicholas@b-scenestudios,com or follow him on twitter@nscaturro. You can also find him on Facebook of course.

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