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Hey everyone!! :) I heard about this website from a friend. I am a writer/artists. I like to write poetry, music, and short stories. Right now I'm really focusing on rapping! I got a friend who has been helping me produce my music. I just made my first full original song. We are still in the process trying to figure out what kind of genre we want to pursue. I'm thinking we are going for more of a rock/electronic/rap genre. Bring something new to the table. Don't judge me to hard haha. I really concentrate on my lyrics when i write. I try to give a message in all my songs. Wether it is subliminal or not. No i don't use the N word or rap about money and drugs. I try to rap about real life situations or how people would act in them. I refer to a lot of things. My dream is to be in the music industry. I love music it is my passion. I actually listen to a lot of Screamo/post hardcore. I love it. My favorite band of all time is Sleeping with Sirens! I love hip hop too. Not really so much the new rap on the radio. Just seems to me the lyrics they right today kind of suck and there's really no message. I would love ideas feedback anything to get me up there! I got a youtube channel i really need subscribers haha. Its nicksplace1111. My email is If you have any questions or want to talk let me know. I am also here to help you out to and ill share your videos and try to get them out there if you share mine! thanks guys! :) PS: I am an x ray tech in the air force but i plan to get out after my first term is up.

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