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A film fan since my early youth (I blame a screening of the 1953 War of the Worlds in 1973 for my passion for horror and fantasy), I have spent most of my life involved in some way or another in the industry; joining the multitude of fanzine publishers in the late 1980s in reviewing the many good bad and ugly movies circulating in the post-video nasty days, as well as helping out at many of the late night horror festivals. With the development of technology in the 1990s, I worked with Eastern Heroes to publish their magazines and design all their video sleeves and promotion. With the development of DVD I worked for a few years in London for a DVD authoring company, where I designed the moving menus for "The Slim Shady Show" and "Plan Nine From Outer Space" special edition, among other trashy dump bin 'classics' . Since 2004 I have been using whatever resources I can get my hands on to create documentary videos of local events, festivals and gigs, among them a few collaborations with performers and artists, which seem to have been lost to time somewhere on MySpace. A lot of my work appears on Youtube, namedly Nottingham Pagan Pride, Ecoworks and I'm Not From London. I now offer cost-effective video documentation and activity for local community organisations and creative collaborators.

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  1. When the tractor with the "pick-up" system do the work, what's the point with throwing the potatoes back to the ground? It's amazing stupid, sorry to say. Makes me sad. Ps. The film is ok.