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I have an account called swingtime with another couple of guys which is pretty much where I invest most of my personal creative energy. Check out or if ur interested...

So I use this account to show off the stuff I've been doing in my dayjob that is cool... Or just general stuff I might do that does not fall under the swingtime logo. As I've said, my main passion is the films I do and pursuing personal creative projects - I can't complain though as making ads for music television has been and can be, a whole lot of fun. You might deduce this from checking out my videos. I hope you find it entertaining.

Kiwi. Moved to Australia. Degree in Theatre/Media. Is one of the principal writer/director/producers of Swingtime Productions. Used to work for local Australian music tv station 'Channel [V]' and now works for MTV Networks Australia.

Please check out: for all my personal short films.

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