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Tapping into the human psyche to uncover the facets of the human experience through work is something I actively utilize. I approach making work with a particular interest in an ephemeral world tied with an attention to a destined fate. My interests lie specific to the medical field, body, and space. I engage in an active process, both physically and mentally when creating. I often work at a rapid pace for allocated periods of time on several pieces. Experience with wood working, welding, oil, water, tempura, acrylic paints, clay and plaster processes, plastics, cellophane and other organic materials, i.e. sugar. I find interest in large scale work and spacial exhibition.

Nicki Muller is a working artist currently based in Long Island, NY. Fine Art at Parsons the New School for Design and Psychology at Eugene Lang The New School for Liberal Arts. Showcases work for sale in the Lower East Side in Manhattan, Union Square Area, Bayshore and Babylon Village, Long Island. A contributing author to the BEOne interactive blog and feature in the Beauty Equation book written by Nigel Barker.

A strong pediatric and brain cancer awareness advocate, Nicki makes work tightly related to medical issues and experience. Nicki has battled Osteosarcoma, bone cancer, in her right humerus at age thirteen, survived, and is currently battling her second form of cancer, found in her brain, diagnosed as a high grade glioma this past year.

If you are interested in commission, collaboration, purchase, feature, showcase, or conversation, please email NICKI MULLER.

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