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Nick Lyon is a versatile, multi-skilled filmmaker, photographer and advertisement professional with extensive experience in the film, entertainment and advertising industry.

His skills include producing, directing, editing, cinematography and writing screenplays as well as advertisement copy. He has used these skills to direct 15 feature films, network series, as well as write and produce dozens of commercials, music videos and promos for clients such as Sony, Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, Lifetime, Syfy, RTL, BMG, HSN, Interscope, Walmart and Newegg. The budget range of Nick Lyon’s projects have gone micro-budget up to $8 Million Dollars. Many of Nick’s movies have been the highest rated movies of the year , and he has won several awards for his work in feature films and advertisements.

Nick understands all facets of production and post-production from conception to completion, and has the hands on skills to execute in
every department, from budgeting and scheduling, design, cinematography, writing and editing.

After beginning a fine arts education in his hometown of Portland Ore., Nick traveled to Germany where he studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Nick is one of few American directors who speaks fluent German and works in both the German and American film markets.

Nick Lyon is the owner of N2 Creative, a boutique Creative Agency specializing in branding and promotional concepts, production and post-production.

Nick Lyon is an active member of the Directors Guild of America.

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