Nick Murray

Salt Lake City, Utah

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I am a music composer, producer, writer, etc.

I mostly do music for Film & TV. My music has been featured on movie trailers for Angels & Demons, Disney's A Christmas Carol, The Final Destination, Surrogates, and Orphan.

I have also written music for TV shows Hell's Kitchen, MTV Cribs, Australian Idol, and more.

On the side I produce dance music among other things. I have worked with some of the industry's top vocalists and artists. My first collaboration featuring Tiff Lacey made it to #2 on the World Trance Chart and my follow up single featuring Marcie hit #9 on the UK Club Charts.

I have remixed for aritsts such as Loverush UK!, Jan Johnston, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Sleepthief, Andrea Britton, Shelley Harland, Liquid Nations, and more.

I am currently writing music for a few different libraries and excited for all the upcoming opportunities!

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