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Baltimore, MD

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Greetings! I’m a graphic artist, designer, and filmmaker from Baltimore, MD. I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of clients—from small business and independent artists, to arts organizations and museums in and around Baltimore. I studied filmmaking in the Visual Arts department at UMBC, and after graduating, moved to Los Angeles where I worked on a variety of independent and studio productions. Over the past decade, I have written, directed, and edited a collection of my own short films and video installations, which I have been fortunate enough to screen at various festivals and galleries across the country—including the San Antonio Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, New York and Chicago Underground Film Festivals, Area 405, The Metro Gallery, and more. Now based iN Baltimore, I continue to work on personal and commercial video projects, and enjoy “geeking out” on the latest gear. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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