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Nick Testa is a 4th generation bay area native. He grew up in the south bay working at the family deli. He spent most of his youth skateboarding and playing guitar. At age 19, he left the bay area to go down to Los Angeles with his rock band, Every Seven, to make it in the music industry. While the big record contract never came, Nick did get introduced to the magic of film by working as an extra in hollywood films. When he returned to the bay in 2003 he enrolled at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. While attending, Nick learned all about media production. Projects included student films, analog recording projects, foley session, ADR, editing, digital signal flow, and all things production. He left school and went work at Apple Computers in Cupertino as a QA engineer. He helped develop the GarageBand 5 learn to play video series, and Mainstage 2. When the economy took a turn in 2008, Nick had to find a new job. He returned to his roots taking a job at one of the few places that was hiring at the time. The woodside deli. While at the woodside deli, he would do small video projects on the side for fun. He would always take a flip cam on the road when traveling with his band all over the country and while recording in the studio, to cut together little mini behind the scenes videos. A few of those little side jobs turned into paying gigs, and that afforded Nick to upgrade cameras to the NikonP500. A few jobs later and he upgraded again to the Canon HFG10 professional camcorder. Eventually the side jobs became so constant that Nick was able to retire from the day job and focus on filmmaking full time, and upgrade once again to the camera that changed the world. The Canon 5D mk ii DSLR. He has successfully run Nick Testa Productions since 2010. Since then, the work has ranged from small 30 second testimonial videos, to huge long play corporate video for major clients like Chevron and Del Monte. Nick maintains a good relationship with other production houses in the bay area and often gets called as a hired gun to work on big projects. Another unique aspect of NTP, is that because of Nick's background in audio production and music, every aspect of a project can be handled in house. From the scripting, storyboarding, cinematography, editing, color grading, motion graphics and title sequences, ADR and Foley, sound design, and score, NTP has you covered. Very few production houses in the bay can offer such a range of professional grade services. Nick is not the type to turn down work. Anyone with a budget, big or small, can work out a deal to get their message out to the world, Nick Testa Productions can help.

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