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  1. Big Red Button

    Big Red Button Plus london UK


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    We currently make commercials and comedy bits and bobs for TV or online but will pretty much do anything for a laugh. We love collaborating with people funnier than ourselves and then taking most of the credit. If you'd like to work with us in some capacity – perhaps you have a script you'd…

  2. Whit Missildine

    Whit Missildine Plus Oakland, CA


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    Whit Missildine is a creator of the Permatemp Corporation, a film, art and radio collective, and produces the podcast This Is Actually Happening - a show that explores what happens when everything changes.

  3. Matt Schwarz

    Matt Schwarz Alum Los Angeles, CA


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    Former Vimeo engineer and resident ghost expert. I also film, shoot, and draw things that interest me.

  4. Eric Maddison
  5. tristan Brotherton

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