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Hi, I'm Nico Baumgarten, freelance photographer and bookmaker.
After studying Human Geography of Developing Countries at the Universities of Tübingen (Germany) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) I decided that I did no longer want to see the world from an academic's perspective but rather through a viewfinder. I consequently studied photography at the IDEP in Barcelona (Spain). Still I consider myself a geographer, but using a camera as my primary tool for a critical confrontation with reality.
As I feel a growing discontent with the media and the art market I spend a lot of time thinking about alternative outputs for visual media. This made me dive into self-publishing, a phenomenon I have been following closely ever since I first heard about it. The wish for producing a photobook in the most independent way possible led me to learn bookbinding, which I studied at the CFP Bauer in Milan (Italy). The result was my first self-published and handmade book “Berlusconians / No Berlusconians” in 2011 and then "Leer" in 2013. Currently I'm working on several projects, reaching from a single issue fashion-magazine to the editing of an amateur photographer's archive for the production of a monograph. My new book "Ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio" is about to be self-published.
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