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Hi! My name is Nico Casavecchia; I was born in Buenos Aires in May 13th, 1981, the same day the pope was shot while riding in his popemobile (I love that word). It was a big day for my mom, the pope and me.

I am self taught (I tried to study graphic design but gave up primarily because of math. ”What’s the point of teaching mathematics in a graphic design university,” I said.But i wasn’t heard. So i decided to try the real world and tricked the owner of Bridger-Conway into hiring me. But BC wasn't for me, my family financed me during the adventure of getting a new job with no experience or career. Luckily, I succeeded.

I started working at a post-production house as part of the web design team. Then I made the move towards advertising: I got a job at an ad agency, Dialogo, as a “junior art director.”
I didn’t really know what a “junior art director” meant, but it sounded good.

While working there in 2001, a video installation I did with a friend earned an award at the 1st ever OFFF festival. By the time we landed in Barcelona,
I decided that it was the place I wanted to live, so i called my boss and told him i may stayed longer than 15 days. He said he already knew.

That year, one by one, 5 of my friends decided to live in Barcelona. I started at S,C,P,F… an ad agency, yada, yada, yada, two years later I founded AÄB with two friends, Chini and Agus. We did all sorts of things to pay the rent:
VJing, illustration, music videos, TV spots, graffiti, toy design and all sorts of other stuff. Our work was featured in places like MTV, Res Magazine, Idn. We also were able to collaborate with agencies all over the world.

During the AÄB years, i discovered my calling as a director; today I live a happy life as a filmmaker in Brooklyn, directing for 1st Avenue Machine

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