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La Plata, Buenos Aires

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Nicolás Iaconis IV is a composer of soundtracks for films and media projects.

He was born in La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 29, 1987.

At the age of 14 he started his piano lessons with the particular teacher Lucía Bolcam. Three months later, he has presented to her his first compositions for piano. From this moment, he would never stop composing music.

In the beginning, he composed for piano and for rock bands. Later, in 2009, a friend of his invited him to collaborate in an independent film. Nicolás agreed and started working on the film. Since there, he has specialized in scoring for films.

He has worked in two independent films from Argentina, and now he is collaborating with a independent film from Sri Lanka and New Zealand.
He also has worked in several shortfilm from different countries and with different genres, commercials and other media projects.

He is a natural composer, and he can achieve almost any style of music, from orchestral music to rock, pop, techno-electro, jazz and blues, etc.

Also, he is an amateur photographer and filmmaker, and he enjoys to film and compose the soundtrack for his own videos.

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