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Philadelphia, PA

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I am a body-based performing artist, inspired by my studies of new dance, dance-theater, Contact Improvisation, and Butoh. I'm also a bodyworker and use Somatic practices, such as Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Yoga and Feldenkrais as a source of creativity, inspiration and physical training. My somatic-based dance practice synthesizes biomechanics and poetics into a movement form that serves the dancing body while maintaining a space for mystery. As a politically minded artist who interrogates theatrical conventions and the very notion of beauty, I embrace the complexity of a practice that demands constant research, attention, questioning, curiosity and delight in the unknown. I research extended movement techniques which yield a unique dance vocabulary individual to my particular body. I also develop teaching methods to help other movement artists find their own personal vocabulary of extended techniques. My performance practice broadens the possibilities for dance virtuosity beyond the development of athleticism towards an embodied, intelligent, performance presence. Performance is a social art form and I am a promiscuous collaborator. I have a voracious appetite to learn and grow from working with peer artists. I embrace the challenges and potential conflicts that arise in collaborative processes. My work is always site-specific in that I seek to activate and enliven all spaces that I perform in, whether they are theaters, studios, homes, places of business or the outdoors. I also seek to connect audience members to their own embodied, corporeal experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of performance.

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