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Hello there! Let me introduce myself, my name is Nicole and I am a Motion Design graduate from Ringling College of Art + Design. I hope to accomplish big things in my life and my path starts with working in motion graphics. I love to bring life to seemingly unrealistic situations in 3D style. I am trained in modeling and animating in programs such as Cinema4D and After Effects. These are the programs I spend most my time in, though I have dipped into teaching myself the program’s Nuke and Realflow. I enjoy particle and fluid simulations above all. One of my goals is to work for a company in which a lot of collaboration is happening, where we can all feed off each other’s ideas for, I believe, that is when the best ideas arise. My training in college has given me many opportunities to gain real world experience, above all was being accepted into a summer internship with Imaginary Forces. Being welcomed into a design studio taught me how to work on a budget and the chain of command that needs to exist in order to make that happen. I feel the best position for me entering the industry is designing and animating for broadcast design, although my goal is to work in the visual effects department. My degree not only comes with the work and the skills I have listed but the insight for good concept and the eye for good design. I feel I have lot of offer the industry if given the chance. Outside of work I like to keep myself strong, both mentally and physically. I gain the most strength from outdoor activities like biking, swimming, running, and hiking. I have hobbies like snow and water skiing, scuba diving, and surfing. I like to stimulate my brain by reading; I take my kindle everywhere I can. Staying sharp and gaining new knowledge helps me in creating more clever ideas. I’m also a health nut. When I eat fresh, local, and organic, as well as doing regular physical activity, I feel happier and stronger and ready to take on anything that comes my way!

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