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Born in Milan, he attends NUCT Academy at Cinecittà studios, branch "Directing".
Once back in Milan, he directs the TV format "Il posto delle Fragole" on air on Sky Arte, produced by Maremosso, a production company owned by Luca Lucini.
From there, he begins a constant collaboration with Maremosso, becoming a reference director for the same production company.
Over the years he starts to work into tv and advertising: he directs the commercial for ACEA, the viral for "Aperol Spritz"(with BRW), the Corporate for ENEL Green Power, Autogrill - Bistrot Milano, Scholl, ente del turismo Sardegna, Radio Deejay Ten, and others.

His passion for music and art makes him able to continue working on projects related to those two worlds that he truly loves: he directs formats and episodes for Classica HD, the season "Live @ Quiet Please" for Sky Arte created by Ferdinando Arnò, the documentary "Il Napoleone" di Brera, and the 2nd unit of "Ultimo Tempio", a docufilm about the Scala Theatre of Milan, directed by Luca Lucini with Luca Bigazzi's cinematography.

Between 2015 and 2016 he directs the film "Leonardo da Vinci - the genius in Milan" produced by Rai Com and Skira editore, Distributed by Nexo Digital.

In 2016 he directs the campaign for Sky-Series (with "M&C Saatchi"), for Ichnusa (with "TheBigMama" production), and for Conbipel (with "Chocolat production" and "Armando Testa").


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