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Nicola Raggi

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Born and raised in Italy, cinema becomes soon the reason of my life. My deep and appassionate studies of film and the practice with contemporary masters of cinematography Vittorio Storaro and Luca Bigazzi, opened my mind and cinematography became the way I live.

While merging theory with practice, I felt in love with narrative start finding my personal style, maturing an original stylistic path signed by perfectionism and a maniacal attention to image compositions and details.

I believe there’s no limit in the ways a shot can be done, no matter how difficult it could seem at the beginning. With the right time and means, any vision can be realized; however, the most beautiful vision and even the most perfect shot will never make a beautiful movie without a good story.

I have been working on documentaries, films, music videos, TV shows and commercials since 2006. Currently living, teaching and shooting in New York City, I am constantly involved in film production as director of photography and editor.

Knowledge of modern filmmaking and post-production practices concerning most of camera systems both film and digital. Experience with: steadycam, cranes and Jib arms, dollies, shoulder support, tripods, suction mount, slider, car mount, green screen.

2012 to present Cinematography instructor @ New York Film Academy
2012 Full Teaching Licensed by the New York State Education Department
2010-2011 attended 1-year Cinematography program @ New York Film Academy
November 2008: workshop on cinematography @ IED Venezia with Luca Bigazzi
October 2008: workshop on cinematography for TV and cinema @ Accademia della Luce with Vittorio Storaro, Pino Quini e Marco Incagnoli
2007 to 2009 Cinematography instructor @ University of Siena
2006 Co-founder of Loading Lab visual artworks
2004 Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Communication @ University of Siena

In 2010 I won the Bernardo Bertolucci Scholarship to attend 1 year Cinematography program at the New York Film Academy in New York City.

I am proud of my experience at the prestigious workshop on Cinematography at IED in Venice with Luca Bigazzi in 2008.

Between 2007 and 2010I was teaching Video production at Siena University, Italy.

In 2006 I became co-founder of Loading Lab, a production company based in Siena, Italy

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  1. Again, stunning work. That's it, I'm hiring Masters for my next short. Love the look. Great work.
  2. Thanks. Is not the colorist that did a brilliant job, but our Cinematographer, and...anyhow they are actually the same person. On board Zeiss Master Prime lenses, on the steadicam long shot we are mounting a 35mm.
  3. Absolutely stunning footage, with so much varied lighting your colonist did a brilliant job. Which lens was on the steady cam?