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Night Majik Radio started in 2004 as a Marine Corps only station with one host, David Adams, broadcasting music to HQMC Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. Now, 9 years later, we are a talk/music station that broadcasts everything from hip hop to country and everything in between. Night Majik Radio was once 1500 listeners strong for every broadcast! We are striving, with your help, to get back to that field of listeners and bring WNMR back to the top of the charts!

What can you expect to hear? Our music is diverse because it's driven by YOU, the listener. Phone in, IM or email us and let us know what you'd like to hear! The topics we cover in our talks are just as diverse! We cover everything from the latest trends in video games to motorsports and drifting across the world. The host of Night Majik Radio, Dave, is a drifter, video gamer, firearms enthusiast, military vet and a brony so you know that you're getting a full range of topics to bounce around with.

We hope you find our show as entertaining to listen to as we do in making it!

Thank you!

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