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About me:

27 year old Bostonian.

Please check out the galleries of my contacts since I absorb and feed off of their talent.

Inspired by the following vids.

Goal: To start a 365 project and challenge myself to follow the fundamentals of cinematography and to set goals for myself to produce a better video each time.


  1. darwinfish105
  2. Dominic Clarke
  3. Jason Bognacki
  4. Vincent Laforet
  5. WeTheConspirators
  6. Clayton Cubitt
  7. Ann Street Studio
  8. Tuana
  9. Julien Taillez
  10. Moist Creation
  11. NoEmotion.Net
  12. magdalenakorpas
  13. Héloïse Morel
  14. Mike Kobal
  15. Opyss
  16. Marcel Rudigkeit
  17. Günther Gheeraert
  18. John Þórðarson

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