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I have a solid classical training that includes piano, guitar, composition and instrumentation. I specialize in film composition and abstract electronic sound structures, and Debussy inspires me.

In my own work as a composer I am eager to challenge the field of tension between fiction and reality.

In 2003
I co- founded ”greatmusic” - a working partnership - with my creative partner, musician and composer Tin Soheili. Ever since, we have composed and produced music for more than 150 film-, TV- and theater- productions worldwide. Our vision is to function as an experimental sound lab – and to communicate experiences and moods through our music. In this way, we constantly experiment with our own creative work when customizing music.

Most recently, greatmusic has composed music for:
• Mads Brüggers docu/fiction, ”The Ambassador”, a genre-

breaking, tragic comedy about the bizarre and hidden world of African diplomacy. A world where gin & tonics flow on a daily basis, and diamond dealers and corrupt politicians are let off.

• The dance-performance ” The Symphony of Silence” by
Pernille Garde, which takes place right after World War I and is about the meeting between a composer, a soldier and a cabaret dancer. The critically acclaimed performance premiered back in 2010, and is now on tour in Denmark until the end of November 2011.

The driving force behind greatmusic is our mutual curiosity, and a desire to challenge predictability.

My part of our collaboration is usually as composer, producer and mixer. In addition, I am our creative coordinator on our various projects, given that we strive to be result-oriented when delivering an assignment.

A typical work process at greatmusic happens as a close collaboration between all parties involved, in order to find the distinct tone and heart of each project.

This is essential to a successful composition or sound.
Besides composing, I am a member of the board of directors in the Association for Film- and Media Composers (BFM), and since 1998 I have given more than 250 courses and seminars in composition and digital music production to professional musicians at Artlab, and The Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Denmark among others.


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