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Dubai, New York, Los Angeles

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada(1984), Nik Nejad is of Iranian heritage and has been living in Dubai since 1993.

He studied Visual Art with a focus on painting at York University.

Currently Nejad is partaking in an art residency program, ‘Sculpture, Installation and New Media Art’, at New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA).

An emerging talent, Nik has already achieved considerable recognition from his first solo exhibition at 8th Street Studios entitled Versions of Her, held in December 2012.

As one the regions up-and-coming talents, his work has been featured in media throughout the region. This includes radio and TV interviews, magazines, newspapers and online media.

Though he is recognized mostly for his successful career as a painter, of late his work has included video as a medium. He is continuously adding to his portfolio of video work which is currently comprised of video installations, short films, and fashion films.

His video projects focus on the interaction between the human body and technology, with a specific feminist viewpoint wherein gender identity is critically analyzed.

In addition to his personal creative projects, Nik Nejad has been highly active in creating platforms for emerging talents to expose themselves. Focusing on collaborative efforts, he hopes to see the cultural scene in the region to be enriched even further. He recently spearheaded a project entitled Alternational, with support of the British council as well as local governments, this platform serves as a means for creatives to collaborate and to engage in a dialogue with not only their peers but with the nascent cultural movement.

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