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Ways to Escape Freedom
a research on Volition.

A few thoughts about the project:

In organized societies we have legal restraints, which do not allow us to behave according to our desires. But, freedom is extremely important. It is absolutely necessary not only for a person’s survival but also for his evolution. Lack of freedom is unbearable. However, where there are no public prohibitions, man has discovered other ways to remain captive of his usually subservient position. He very often becomes addicted to substances and reaches dead-ends which vary from superficial disturbances to treacherous psychosomatic, self-destructive and sometimes paranoid conditions. In this way he never really becomes him-shelf.

Is there real freedom? And if there is do we want it? Why do we invent so many ways to escape from it? Are there any more desires than the ones that have been imposed on us? Why do we sometimes prefer an unpleasant and miserable situation just because we are familiar with it or because we can’t change it? Is it possible that we cannot really change it. The topic I am going to explore is volition and freedom. I am not going to argue about whether free will is good or bad but about the fact that there is not enough of it.

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