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Nimafilm, production company, was founded in1987.
For 25 years, NimaFilm has been produceing miscellaneous films
in which some particular and deep subjects like political and
social events and lives have been brought into the focus of the camera.

The award winning director Nima Sarvestani started his career as a journalist in Iran and has been concentrating on documentary filmmaking since moving to Sweden in 1984. Focusing on social and political issues, he is inspired by those who fight passionately for their cause. He has directed “Naked and Wind” (2002) “Dead Man’s Guest”(2003), , “Many Years Later” (1999) and “The Evil Cycle” (1998). Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale (2006), “ On the Border of Desperation” (2008) and ”I Was Wort 50 Sheep” (2010) is his latest production.

Maryam Ebrahimi was born in Tehran 1976. She has studied art and art theory in art University in Tehran and continiues her education in sweden in ”Art in public Realm” which has its focus on media.
She has produced and directed a numbers of artistic videos with political and social theme. The subjects Middle East and Women are her interest. “I Was Worth 50 Sheep” is hers latest production.

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  1. much needed. this is about how iranian isis kicked off its well over three decades of killing n destruction.