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  1. 01:10:28


    by Nina N

    11 Videos

    Three weeks spent in China in August 2012 have resulted in more than 2000 stills and several hours of video footage. To make interesting Chinese stories of all this will take some time.

  2. 18:25


    by Nina N

    2 Videos

    Radio talks (in Polish) illustrated with photos

  3. 01:37


    by Nina N

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  4. 14:42


    by Nina N

    2 Videos

  5. 24:20


    by Nina N

    6 Videos

  6. 24:36


    by Nina N

    7 Videos

    From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv - this was the route of my 2011 Israeli tour. As always, I tried to concentrate not only on the visited sites, but above all on what they are for the iinsiders and how the…

  7. 37:37


    by Nina N

    16 Videos

    The shots of which the slideshows are composed were all taken with the simple compact photocameras (Minolta & Nikon) in my pre-vdeo era i.e. in 2004-2008. They are arranged in the chronological…

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