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We believe there is an opportunity to shape the Indian media and entertainment industry because:

• Indian media industry is at its infancy
• Both traditional and new media present huge opportunities
• Advertising revenues will be the mainstay in near-term
• New advertisers will drive growth, demanding new products and formats
• Targeting and niche plays are emerging and high-potential
• Media is a “high-beta” business – diverse portfolio approach is key

However, in this opportunity-rich environment, our industry urgently needs a new benchmark for professionalism. To build successful, value-creating businesses will require leaders and leadership. At 9.9 Media we believe the “who” will drive success rather than the “what”. This has inspired our choice of 9.9, one of the most enduring symbols of leadership (read more), in our name. And, indeed, this has inspired our mission and vision for 9.9 Media.

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