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Early life
Darnisha Denise Sherod was born May 4, 1995 in Norfolk, a place where all the entertainment and city life is. to parents Denise and Laton, Nisha Denise is the middle sister to 7 brothers & sisters. Her mother was a single mother, and one day, when Nisha was six, her mother noticed that her daughter needed a better life then what she had now, so they moved to chesapeake. According to Nisha Denise, her father drank heavily, and was never there as much. Nisha Denise attended Smtih Middle School, where she Join the chorus. She then graduated from High School, which brought on bullies, becoming homebound and fighting depresssion. She was sent to see a therapist for a year and while in threapy , she began to write music that would inspire people one day.After that she returned to school. Nisha Denise had a passion to become an Singer, but failed at attempts to pursue her career due to the lack of self esteem to sing for someone. After her singing career failed to take off, Nisha decided to pursue it on her own. She bought her first mic at age 14. This started her career.
2006-2010: Fashion Angels and early career After exploring other career options, Nisha Denise formed a neighborhood singing and rap group called the "Fashion angels" with three other girls. They never recorded a full song. Nisha Denise left the group, unsatisfied with their lack of commitment. During this time, Nisha Denise uploaded a song on her soundcloud and sent a few of her songs to people in the area. With the great feedback , she knew this was her time to start and shine. Initially, Nisha denise adopted the pseudonym "PrettyGurl", later changing to "Nisha Denise", stating "My real name is what im proud of.".
2010–2013: Mixtapes and Studio Flow Records
Nisha began working on her first mixtape in 2010 with only a mic, computer and nothing else. Nisha Denise released her first mixtape at the age of 17 in 2013 under her label Studio Flow Records. In January 2013, Nisha Denise teamed up with Tim Lenard (Thrillz) to launch the record label Studio flow Records. She then was contacted by a VA known group DopeKidz and signed them a month after the record label was launched. They then both launched a mixtape that got great reviews.
2013: Nisha Denise (The Self Titled Mixtape)
The mixtape was a big jump for Nisha Denise because it was the label's first one. She began to write up 50 to 100 songs for the mixtape. She then decided to narrow it down to 7. It took almost 2 years. On April 2,2013 , she announced that she was going to be coming out with a new mixtape. It finally dropped on May 4 , 2013 with amazing reviews. She then announced that "Thank You" was going to get a Music video and it was going to be the next single off of the Mixtape.
2013 - A New Era
In summer 2013. she reinvented herself and her music towards children,pre-teens,young adults,parents and everyone. She decided that her music would be positive and make people feel amazing when they listened to it. More to come from this positive young lady.

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