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Nishell Falcone - Videographer

Nishell Falcone is a prominent event videographer and filmmaker based in NYC. They have had their videos and edits utilized by NY1, DavidBowie.com, New York Comic Con, Time Out New York, Gay Fuk Film Fest, Coney Island Film Festival, Cablevision, Projeckt Records, and the MoMa Twitter.

In May 2010, Nishell graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BA in Film and Video with a focus in Cinematography.

External Links

  • The Sisters Plotz - The first feature film to come out of Funny or Die, a 1930s musical by Lisa Hammer (The Venture Brothers) that Nishell was Director of Photography on.
  • Original Films and Commericals - My youtube, featuring more of Nishell's original work.
  • Ultra Green Video - The videos Nishell has made for the wholesale biodiesel company, Ultra Green.


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