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Creating Machinima and original music in the virtual world, Second Life™.

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  1. Lady Virtual
  2. Mr. Bones
  3. dav barbosa
  4. Chilli Cao
  5. Indigo Mertel
  6. Artcgrrl
  7. Ze Moo
  8. The VBA
  9. Tari Akpodiete
  10. Larkworthy Antfarm
  11. Chantal Harvey
  12. David Domenech Foix
  13. Bettina Tizzy
  14. Roxette Wise
  15. Pineapple Pictures
  16. cisko vandeverre
  17. Pritam Jaykar
  18. moo Money/Sasha Rudie

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  1. I love it, changes of music, dinamic shots, nice avatar, special atmosphere...Everything makes me feel that I'm exploring a fantastic and nice world. Congrats!!!