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Daughter of musician Aditi Upadhya and Architect Ravi Upadhya, Niyati graduated in visual arts from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai. Though formally trained as a sculptor, it was photography that she found herself repeatedly turning to as a chief mode of expression.

After she graduated, she has spent close to two years travelling, working on a variety of projects (both individual and for clients) that have evolved out of her practice at art school.

Having grown up in a home of artists, musicians and other inclined to creative pursuits, a keen sense of observation and curiosity has become second nature, and her most recent preoccupation has been with documenting the ‘professional underbelly’ of the Indian city – whether it’s the scrap dealers of Bangalore or the kaan saaf wallahs, ear cleaners, of Bombay. Her curiosity about capturing the murk and quirks of dubious old vocations that lie at the fringes of cities like Mumbai, addressing odd bodily needs, quietly but firmly, finally led her to explore the lives of The Bone Setters and then The Barbers.

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