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Chris Messineo is an award-winning writer and director.

He is the founder of Off Stage Films, an independent production company, shooting short films and corporate videos. They have won awards for screenwriting, acting, sound, cinematography, editing, score, and directing.

He has worked as a director, screenwriter, crew member, script reader, screenplay consultant, and even a film festival judge. He has taught hundreds of students in night school as well as at schools in the tri-state area.

In 1998, he formed the NJ Screenwriter's Group and since then, they have held over 150 original screenplay readings. In 2002, he created, a free online contest and forum to celebrate the art of short scripts and help bring screenwriters and filmmakers together.

Chris is passionate about filmmaking, teaching, and frequently lectures on Hitchcock, Film Noir, Chaplin and Keaton, and much more. He lives in New Providence with his wife and daughter.

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