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Turkish born Akile Nazlı Kaya (*1980) is a graduate of Graphic Design from Bilkent University in Ankara (2003). Her experience in animation started in Film School Zlin in Czech Republic. Kaya's graduation film 'Zlinska Polevka/Zlin Soup' has won several international awards in Turkey and abroad, including 'Best Short Film' in the 6th Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2009. She worked as an assistant animator for Jan Svankmajer's latest animated feature 'Prezit Svuj Zivot / Surviving Life'. In 2011, Kaya was commissioned to do animated segments about gorillas for the Zoo in Prague. She obtained her master's degree in Audiovisual Studies at Film and Television School in Prague - FAMU in 2012. Currently she works as a freelance designer and animator in Prague.

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