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Hello Vimeo!

I am a filmmaker living in Herefordshire. I currently work for The Rural Media Company as a Film Mentor and trainer to Young People. We run a Big Lottery funded project called 'Shoot Out'. I train young people in the art of filmmaking, giving them practical skills in pre, production and post production. Once trained, we go out in to the community and make a community documentary.

Through the project I have trained and worked with over 600 young people, produced/project managed approx. 100 short films and won several awards. Our film 'Inspired' won Best Film of Month in the 'Film Nation Awards 2012'. I've visited Poland 3 times this year as a Media Trainer, teaching filmmaking skills to adults on cultural exchange projects.

My work on this project can be found at

At this point in my career, I am looking to find new people to collaborate new projects. I still run my corporate and promotional film business 'NKWilliams' and looking to work with new clients to introduce film into company marketing campaigns. Please get in touch if you like my work and would like to know more.

The NKW Film and Video team are guaranteed to captivate the minds, touch hearts and fire up the imagination. When an audience is engaged, they retain your message and take action.
The success of your business relies on a strong recognisable brand. Get this right and everything else falls into place.

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  • Shoot Out - The Rural Media Company's Big Lottery funded project, Shoot Out. Through this project, I have worked with over 600 young people and project managed approx 100 short films.


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