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  1. GoPro Hero

    by kleen dirt joined

    8,685 Videos 2,760 Members

    a group for all gopro camera users to post and share

  2. Climbing Competitions!

    by Vast Motion Pictures joined

    92 Videos 58 Members

    Even though we all love the outdoors, sports climbing and bouldering competitions is still fun as hell! This group is the place to put all your sports climbing and bouldering competitions, championships,…

  3. Bouldering

    by Big Stuff Creations joined

    1,081 Videos 168 Members

    Group for uploading and viewing bouldering videos.

  4. I Love Climbing

    by Iloveclimbing joined

    7,073 Videos 2,097 Members

    A new way to share (y)our climbing passion :-) Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter on "I love climbing" and @iloveclimbing or contact us by mail: contact@iloveclimbing.net

  5. Passionate about GH3 and GH4

    by The Film Artist joined

    1,525 Videos 392 Members

    This group is dedicated to the GH3 and now GH4

  6. Windsurfing

    by Robert joined

    677 Videos 89 Members

    About windsurfing in our world

  7. Timelapses.canarias

    by BGD joined

    237 Videos 121 Members

    Punto de encuentro para cualquier persona que esté interesada en Timelpases (y/o slow-motion, stop-motion, HDR, tilt shift, etc.), especialmente para aquellos tomados en las Islas Canarias…

  8. Poems in Motion: Animation Contest by QuietMan

    by QuietmanOnline joined

    97 Videos 130 Members

    What started as an in-house art project at QuietMan, aimed at cultivating our team's creativity, is now open to you all: our friends, fans, and the artistic community. Animate a :15-:30 short…

  9. Belgian directors

    by B-llzy joined

    498 Videos 122 Members

    This is a group for all the videos made by Belgian directors.

  10. Pace Yourself!

    by Daniel Hayek joined

    18 Videos 27 Members

    A collection of videos that demonstrate the importance of pacing and shot variety with regards to making a sweet video. Add your own if they are applicable! For more info see this lesson- http://vimeo.com/videoschool/lesson/80/setting-the-pace-with-cutting

  11. Best of Kite Landboarding

    by Georg van Gent joined

    3 Videos 6 Members

    See the best Kite Landbarding videos on vimeo!

  12. Kiteboarding

    by Slingshot Kite joined

    787 Videos 229 Members

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